Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Water Bent in Leeds (VC64)

My lunch time walk along the north bank of the River Aire behind Concordia Street (upstream of Leeds Bridge) threw up several plants of Water Bent (Polypogon viridis) in the brickwork of the footpath immediately above the river. This seems to be only the second record for the county, and the first since my original find in Yeadon in 2010.

It must be more widespread in Leeds so I would be pleased to hear of other locations. It has the jizz of creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera) but the foliage is more stiffly erect, and the panicles are stockier and have a greenish tinge. It can also be found in full bloom in the depths of winter where there is a little heat radiating from buildings, so that is often a good time of year to spot it.

Typical habit and habitat, photo by Ambroise Baker as posted on his blog

More images can be found here on the British Wildlflowers website.

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