Sunday, 15 November 2015

Italian Lords-and-Ladies

Nick Millar has just sent me a batch of interesting records made this year. Among these is a new location for Italian Lords-and-Ladies (Arum italicum ssp. italicum) at Harrison Way, St Ives (VC31). This attractive winter foliage plant seems to be on the increase, with this being the fifth record of this garden escape.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Just Because ...

... its a member of my favourite genus of plants, and I'm cooped up with a cold without any recent news to share.

A beautiful mass of the spring flowering Munich Crane's-bill (Geranium x monacense var. monacense) in the Engine Fields, Yeadon (VC64). This the hybrid between Dusky Crane's-bill (Geranium phaeum), a plant I am addicted to in all its variation, and Geranium reflexum. It inherits the reflexed petals from the latter, and they seem to reflex only gradually and are definitely encouraged by a bit of warm sunshine. Until then it might easily be overlook for Dusky Crane's-bill.