Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Sow-thistle That Dreams of Being a Lettuce

I've not been out botanising much recently. Too many other demands on my time and the recent spell of weather always seems to be threatening a torrential downpour at any moment. So to make up for it, I have had a rifle back through the archives to see if there is anything that might be of wider interest.

The following photos are of an unusal form of Prickly Sow-Thistle (Sonchus asper subsp. asper var. integrifolius). This plant popped up in my garden in Woodlesford (VC63) but I've seen it in a few places in the "Rhubarb Triangle". Its yet to pop up in VC31 and I don't think I have a record for VC64 (I say think because the name is not in my computer database, so for oddities like this I still need to operate a paper system). Its very distinctive once known and the biggest challenge is likely making the link with the parent species.

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