Saturday, 22 October 2016

Marsh Dock

Wetland habitats still maintain some interest at this time of year, providing a 'last hurrah' before winter. St Aidan's (VC64) proved this last weekend with good numbers of Marsh Dock (Rumex palustris) still going strong. This is not a species I remember seeing here before, and it may be that I have missed it because it peaks late in the season.

This species has a primarily Eastern England distribution. It is widespread but scarce in Huntingdonshire, but is exceptionally scarce in VC64 where it seems to be restricted to wetlands along the Aire Valley. I wouldn't be surprised if it occurs elsewhere e.g. in the Ripon area, and it may be overlooked because of its phenology and also because many of the wetlands it favours have no public access or only restricted access to marginal habitats.

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